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I am a REDM - Real Estate Digital Marketer Certified (Certification can be verified on my LinkedIn profile.)

Did you know that in Florida you can have a broker who is neither your sub-agent (if you are a seller) nor a buyer's agent if you are a buyer? The Florida presumption is that a broker is acting as a "transaction broker." You should know what that means to your interests, personal or business.

Do you know the options you have to reduce your liability & increase the effectiveness of any representative you may use in marketing or brokerage services?

You can "list" a property in Florida with a marketing agent who is not then an "agent" of your business, if you choose to do so.

Traditionally, listing agents are what is known as "single agents" in many states.

In Florida, that means they are classified legally as your agent (if you sign an exclusive right to sell agreement with the broker specifying they are a single agent.) Read the agency portions of any marketing, listing or buyer's representation disclosures and agreements very carefully. If you are not familiar with real estate agreements, request the broker explain to your satisfaction the agreements you are requested to sign. You should consult an attorney regarding how this might affect your specific situation.

A majority of brokers will request to act as a limited agent, which has a legal definition. This is a different situation than dual agency, which is legal in some states, including Arizona.

And for a bit of a rant, I fail to understand why so many professionals who can do business from anywhere, particularly financial type enterprises, choose to locate in a high tax state. They would be passing those costs on to me as a client or customer. Why would I want to pay that "load" as your customer or client? I wouldn't -- in a global economy. Consider contacting me about why you may want to locate in my "Super Zip Code" area. 

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