Karen Lee Bertiger
Luxury, Commercial & Investment Real Estate
Florida & Arizona 
Lic. Real Estate Broker
REDM (Certified Real Estate Digital Marketer)

Our office moved (early 2013!)

We are no longer located in Palm City, FL (We have closed our FL branch office & have voided its branch office license with the State of Florida.)

We are located in Vero Beach, FL 

Direct: 772-212-9399

All USPS Mail
PO Box 643910
Vero Beach, FL 32964-3910



My Business & Brokerage Office is Located in the Vero Beach, FL Area

Contact me about why you may want to locate in my "Super Zip Code" area.

And for a bit of a rant, I fail to understand why so many professionals who can do business from anywhere, particularly financial type enterprises, choose to locate in a high tax state. They would be passing those costs on to me as a client or customer. Why would I want to pay that "load" as your customer or client? I wouldn't -- in a global economy

Apparently international buyers are very interested in Florida as a home base to live & work, according to the Florida Tax Institute. We're like the tropics, but we're in the continental part of the states. Let me show you how you can put the great attributes of Florida on your side in creating a prosperous future. 

Remember, what you think about, plan for & work toward today creates your future. 

My market area for investments in Florida includes the Treasure & Space Coasts (St. Lucie, Indian River & Brevard counties.)

My market area for investments in Arizona includes the northern & northeastern areas of Maricopa County (Greater Phoenix/Scottsdale - lived there for almost 30 years!)

We look at certain types of investment properties in other states as well!